Upcoming Appearances

Updated January 13th 2015

    • January 23rd-25th — Wizard World Portland (Portland, OR) Steve Lieber, Terry Blas, Cat Farris, Grace Allison, Paul Guinan, Joëlle Jones, more TBA
    • February 13-15th — Anime Milwaukee  (Milwaukee, WI) Grace Allison
    • March 20th — Joëlle Jones Signing & Exhibit at Challengers (Chicago, IL) Joëlle Jones
    • March 27th -29th– Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA) Ron Chan, Lucy Bellwood, Erika Moen, Dylan Meconis, Steve Lieber, Paul Guinan, Grace Allison, Rich Ellis, Jeff Parker, Cat Farris, Ron Randall, Joëlle Jones,  Paul Tobin, Colleen Coover, Natalie Nourigat.
    • April 18th – 19th — Linework NW (Portland, OR) TBA
    • May 9th-10th — Toronto Comic Arts Festival (Toronto, ON) Dylan Meconis, Natalie Nourigat.
    • May 21st -25th — MISTI-Con (Laconia, NH) Grace Allison.
    • May 23rd-24th — Vancouver Comic Art Festival (Vancouver, BC) Lucy Bellwood, Erika Moen, Cat Farris, Dylan Meconis.
    • May 22-25th — Denver Comic Con (Denver, CO) Steve Lieber, Joëlle Jones.
    • July 8-12th — Comic Con International (San Diego, CA) Paul Guinan, Steve Lieber.
    • July 31st- August 2nd — Boston Comic Con (Boston MA) Steve Lieber, Jeff Parker.
    • September 18th -20th — Project: Comic Con (St Louis, MO) Joëlle Jones.
    • September 19th-20th — Rose City Comic Con (Portland, OR) Ron Chan, Cat Farris, Lucy Bellwood, Erika Moen, Dylan Meconis, Steve Lieber, Terry Blas, Paul Guinan, Grace Allison, Rich Ellis, Ron Randall, Karl Kesel, Jonathan Case.
    • October 31st- November 1st –IFCon (Victoria, BC) Steve Lieber.
    • October/November 2015 (dates to come) — Anime NebrasKon (Omaha, NE) Grace Allison.
    • December 2015 — Terri Nelson will be artist in residence at Palmer Station in Antarctica as part of the NSF’s Antarctic Artists & Writers Program.
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