Benjamin Dewey’s TRAGEDY SERIES Book Deal Announced

Fans of Snuggle Cub, Sheriff Puppy, and Art Student Vampire need weep no more, for Benjamin Dewey’s eternally classy comic THE TRAGEDY SERIES will be seeing print release next year! The title was recently acquired by Thomas Dunne Books, a division of Macmillan, and will be published in handsome hardback format in March of 2015. Until then, Benjamin will continue to update the comic online, though on a slightly expanded schedule. The print collection will feature all 500 Tragedy Series comics, along with super-secret bonus materials and entertaining interludes.

DinosTo keep up with all things tragic, follow THE TRAGEDY SERIES on Tumblr or investigate Benjamin’s excellent Etsy Store for minicomics, prints, and more.


Lucy Bellwood
Lucy Bellwood
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