Jeremy Barlow Talks Process with Shane McCarthy


If you have any interest in the process of writing comics — or really creating anything at all — Shane McCarthy’s nitty-gritty interview with Jeremy Barlow is definitely what you should be reading this week. Get the scoop on Jeremy’s current projects, his advice to a younger self, and the harsh realities of pushing through self-doubt in the creative process.

With every new project I start, I feel like I have to learn how to write all over again. It’s agony, and I wonder why I do this to myself, and what I was thinking even following this career, and how this’ll be the last thing I ever do because I’m all used up. And once I’ve wasted enough time on that, once I can no longer procrastinate, I sit down and plow through.

This is how magic happens, everyone.

(You can also talk with Jeremy in person at the Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend! Find him at Table L06.)