Margaret Atwood’s Kidney Boy and Dr. Snit. UPDATED!

We read this and fell in love:
“After Twitter user @kidney_boy recommended Atwood’s books to his friend @DrSnit, Atwood said she wanted to design superhero costumes. She updated the pair every few days with her thoughts on design elements and possible superpowers, suggesting “a crown made out of painkiller pills.” One month after the initial communique, Atwood produced a full color sketch of her interpretation of “Dr. Snit” and, later, a black-and-white model sheet for “Kidney Boy.”
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Some of the artists here were even compelled to draw their own versions:
UPDATE: Scroll down for two new sketches!
Ben Dewey:
kidney boy is © himself and Margaret Atwood.
Ron Randall:

Steve Lieber says “I like to think Kidney Boy has named his two fists Oryx and Crake.”
kidney boy is (c) kidney boy and margaret atwood, I guess
Cat Farris:

And Natalie Nourigat: