Mentorship FAQ

What is our mentorship program?

Our mentorship program is a chance for two eligible candidates to work with us for three months, five days a week if possible.  This is unpaid but we do work around peoples’ work schedules as much as possible.

During your time with us, you will be given a series of lectures, impromptu critiques, assignments we think will force you to stretch artistically, and training in professional practices. We can’t guarantee that we will set you up with paying work after your time with us, but we’ll try our best to make sure you know how to go about the business of being a professional illustrator and comics artist.

We require you to be a self-starter, working on your own projects during this time.  We will ask you to show us what you’re working on periodically and give you, to the best of our abilities, ideas for how to make your work even stronger.

To give you an idea of the type of work you might think of completing during your time with us, here is a short list of some projects that former mentees have completed in their time with us:

  • Updated portfolios,
  • Minicomics and/or web comics
  • Professional illustration projects
  • Pitches for book ideas
  • Networking with publishers
  • Leave-behind materials for self promotion
Who is eligible?

While you are not required to have gone to an art school, we do require that you be at least 21 years old before applying for the mentorship.

You MUST have some examples of sequential storytelling in your portfolio.  It can be storyboards, a full length comic (at least a few pages in order), a five panel comic, etc. It CAN’T be only character designs or illustrations, however.

We look at every single portfolio submitted to us.

How do I apply?

Via email, to .

We require all candidates to submit:

  •  A resume
  • A cover letter (a short, introductory e-mail explaining why you’re interested and would be a good fit)
  • Three professional references, who can be from either work or from school
  • Most importantly, you should also have an art portfolio and a completed comic of any length.  Preference is given to people that have a portfolio that we can view on the web. It doesn’t have to be fancy—Deviantart or a simple blog like Tumblr is fine, if you don’t have anything else.

Please see our Mentorship Application page for additional details.

I haven’t heard back from you yet. Should I call you?

No.  Do not call.  Calling us while we’re all working to find out about the mentorship program will get you disqualified instantly.  You may send a follow-up email if you are concerned that we haven’t received your submission yet; however, if you got the auto-reply from our email, we DO have your submission and are in the process of reviewing it.

I’m a writer. Can I apply?

At this time, we only take people who can illustrate; our writers are too busy to take on mentees.  Our best advice to the writers out there is to WRITE more, and to try to develop an eye towards writing for a static visual medium.  Jeff Parker very helpfully put his scripts up online for others to read.

What’s the time frame for these mentorships?

Our mentorships are three months long.

  • Spring: March, April and May
  • Summer: June, July and August
  • Fall: September, October, and November
  • Winter: December, January, and February

Please note which slots you might be available for; we generally book by academic semester/season, and the mentorship period lasts approximately three months. Winter is the least competitive; summer is the most. We often book out 6+ months in advance, so the earlier you are in applying or the more flexible you are about availability, the better.

I’m not old enough yet—can I job shadow?

No, we are sorry, but some of our members work on “adult” themed projects. Use the time until you’re 21 to MAKE things!  Write stories, illustrate them, make a website, it’s up to you, but the more projects you finish, the better you’ll get.

Why didn’t I get picked this time?

The answer to this question is idiosyncratic.  Maybe your work isn’t at a professional-enough level yet, maybe you send us a misspelled text with no portfolio attached, maybe we already had candidates in mind for the only time period that you could come —there are any number of reasons.  Please don’t get discouraged—take it as a challenge to produce more work!

We can’t guarantee a personal email response to every application, but do know that we really did look through your work and we thought hard about whether you were ready for this stage of your career.

Even if you don’t get picked the first time you apply, it’s fine to reapply in the future with new work in your portfolio—point it out in your cover letter.

Please proof-read all your materials for grammatical and spelling errors before you send them on to us.  Treat this application process as if it’s practice for a job interview.

Good luck!

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