New Releases!

Once again Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin are tearing it up with a slew of new releases.

First up is the twisted conclusion to Tobin’s horror series COLDER, with artist Juan Ferrerya continuing to deliver stunningly creepy artwork. Read a 5-page preview on the Dark Horse site, or simply buy the comic as fast as you can!


Not to be outdone, Jeff Parker has three new stories in stores this week!


Go feast your eyes on Red She-Hulk #63 (here’s a preview), Legends of the Dark Knight #6 (with Gabriel Hardman), and Willow: Wonderland #5 (with Christos Gage). If you’re daunted by the number of titles, Jim Dougan has submitted this helpful video tutorial on how to approach your local comic vendor and get “all the Parker.”


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