Periscope Kickstarter Keeps On Keepin’ On

Studio member Aaron McConnell whipped up this sweet poster of all our current Kickstartable artists promoting their campaign to print six gorgeous art books. The Kickstarter marks our first foray into crowdfunding and will help pave the way for every member in the Studio to end up with their own high-quality publication. The campaign is currently in its final week of funding, so the heat is on to hit our goal! We’ve been releasing exciting new rewards over the past couple weeks, including custom movie review comics from Natalie Nourigat, the chance to have your likeness in a Tragedy Series comic from Benjamin Dewey, original commissions from David Hahn and Ron Randall, and limited edition signed copies of the Rose City Comic-Con 2014 Calendar, with art by many Periscope members. What are you waiting for? Get pledgin’!


Delicious, delicious art books.


Lucy Bellwood
Lucy Bellwood
Lucy is Periscope's resident Media Maven. When she's not blogging about all the Studio's latest projects, you can find her drawing comics about boats.