Periscope Studio’s First Jet Pens Review!

Periscope Studio artists get a lot of our supplies from Jet Pens. They’re a purveyor of high quality Japanese writing tools of all kinds, including our beloved Uniball Signo white rollerballs that we use for white-out nearly constantly. (Try them out! You can INK OVER THE TOP of the white ink, and it’s nearly opaque in most circumstances. Super convenient for traveling, instead of a tube of white gouache getting squished all over your luggage.)

Anyway: Jet Pens graciously sent us a sample to review! Today, we got a Zebra Expandz 7.0mm Ballpoint Pen (pictured above).

It came unexpanded- it’s about 4 inches long unexpanded, so perfect to fit in a pocket. It expands by just pulling the ends apart from one another, and grows to be about 5 inches long, or about the size of a regular ballpoint pen. It’s VERY heavy, mostly metal parts, and feels high quality.

As comic book artists and cartoonists, we don’t often use ballpoints for our finished work, but this one seems like it’d be good for casual lettering tasks. The ink flows very smoothly, so that I had to check that it wasn’t a rollerball, and since it’s a ballpoint, the line weight is very even and regular.

It takes standard Zebra F-type refills, and it’s gonna go right in my travel sketch bag for all my lettering-on-the-go needs. SUPER nice. Get one!